A multi level skydiving school specializing in freefly coaching, canopy coaching, belly or rw coaching, and wind tunnel training! We also do lots of AFF and can help you get started in the exciting sport of skydiving!

Students, Friends & Events

With students all over the world, and a passion for everything skydiving, our students which most often become good friends speak for them selves!


Meet The Team

We have a great team of coaches and organizers available most days of the week or by appointment.


Cupcake - David Pugin

Coming Soon!

Cupcake - David Pugin

Load Organizer, AFF, Team Videographer

Samantha Smith

Sam is down for the season to stay worm and organize. She does a great job or including our female freeflyers so her groups are always having a blast.

Samantha Smith

Load Organizor, Freefly Coach,
Tunnel Flyer, AFF Instructor

Seth Claytor

Seth is becoming a competitive skydiver very fast. Most of his 300 jumps have been done with a coach not to mention that Seth has about 20 hour of wind tunnel time. He is starting out in the coaching arena by flying video for students which we debrief using his video.
Total Tunnel Junkie!

Seth Claytor

Apprentice, Freefly Coaching

Jay Mccahan

Nay Nay (Jay) is a long time skydiver, Swooper, AFF instructor, and a world traveler. You may run into him at your home drop zone one day.

Jay Mccahan

Freefly Coach, Load Organizer, AFF,
Freefly Team Member

Martin Sebastian


9000 + Jumps
2000 + Hours in the Wind Tunnel
USPA AFF Instructor
IBA Pro Flyer
AD #115
17 Years in the sport

Martin Sebastian

Owner E.C.F, Freefly Coach, Tunnel Coach,
Canopy Coach, AFF Instructor

Why us

All coaches are supervised by, and utilize the techniques and progressions designed by, Martin Sebastian

Our list of available coaches varies from time to time as well as out combined skill levels. The list below shows what level of coaching we can offer in each discipline. 10% being a beginner coach or organizer just starting out and 100% being an expert coach with many years of experience

Freefly Coaching


Canopy Coaching


Belly Coaching


About The School

At East Coast Freefly we are driven by the idea that through coaching we can become better skydivers, better skydivers means better skydives, better skydives mean safer skydives, and safer skydives mean growing our sport the right way!

What We Do

Freefly Coaching, Canopy Coaching, Wind Tunnel Coaching via www.tunnelcoach.com, Belly Coaching, and AFF Training.<


A higher standard of freefall, canopy piloting, and safety!

Get you introductory coach jump discount

New Student Evaluation
1 Video Jump


  • Your very first jump with us is only $27. Get a Freefall video of your self, a quick debrief, and a copy of you video onto your media!
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Canopy Coaching


  • 5 jumps from 5000 feet, 2 hour ground school, video of all your landings, landing debriefs in a group environment.
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Unlimited Coach Jumps
in one day


  • Unlimited number of jumps with the coach, all jumps with video, lots of ground school, all jumps video debriefed, and copy of all jumps.
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1 Coach Jump


  • 1 on 1 skydive with a coach, includes video, ground briefing, video debrief, and a copy of your video. First jump ever with us must be an evaluation jump,
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Recent Posts

This is where we share our passion for
precision body flight and canopy piloting.


we believe in safety!

here at EAST COAST FREEFLY we believe good preparation before each jump. we stress gear checks, landing patterns and plans, good break off practices, and defensive canopy control.

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